Saturday, June 4, 2011

Departmental Retrofitment of DC EMU into AC EMU


  1. Sir,
    Will be pleased to know from you -

    1) The CWM of EMU Workshops reports to CWE under CME OR to a CEE? Was only generally interested.

    2) In many Siemens trains there is a specific thud noise of a frequency proportional to the speed of the train. Is it due to Wheel flat spots OR due to worn out axle bearings OR some other reason?

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Rajeev Parashar

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am an ardent railway fan of CR and WR, since age of 3. I am member of Indian Railways Fan CLub Association. I am very much interested to know:
    1) What MX is going to do with the Coaches retrofitted with Siemens electrics? I know that 3 coaches or one unit - 930C, 9541B and one more 93x Trailer coach, was transferred to CR. Is there a plan by MX to turnout this as a 12car ACDC retrofitted Siemens EMU or will MX re-retrofit them with conventional electrics to turn out as Pure AC 25KV Retrofitted EMU rake?

    2) With 5th retrofitted rake 3017-3020 , almost ready, will WR now give out its Siemens ACDC EMU to CR, as part of exchange, for CR DC to AC Conversion?

    Vijay Aravamudhan / IRFCA / TNA / +91 9004636481

    1. Great to know that you are fan or CR and WR. Siemens electric retrofitment rake decisions will depend upon material availability and timely compliance by suppliers. Exchanges between WR and CR are dymanic in nature, ICF supply of new rakes being one of the factors. Old DC rakes will continue to be retired, thats decided.

    2. Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for the reply. Sir, I wanted to know, whether the 10 25KV AC EMU rakes, that WR got from ICF, whether are they temporary arrangement, till WR starts getting MUTP Phase2 Bombardier AC EMU rakes?

      If yes, then, where will these 10 25kv AC EMUs (with DC Traction motors / conventional electricals) be transferred?

      Vijay Aravamudhan / IRFCA / TNA
      +91 9004636481