Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Kanchrapara EMU factory

News is that Three consortia have been shortlisted by Indian Railways for a public-private partnership contract to build a factory to supply around 5 000 electric multiple-unit cars over 12 years and to maintain them for 13 years.
According to reports, the shortlisted bidders are:
  • China railway rolling stock corp (CRRC) with Alstom;  CRRC was in news for Supreme Court case related to Mega Metro-Ahmedabad.
  • Siemens with Bombardier;
  • Stadler Bussnang with Medha Servo Drives.
Final bids are due to be opened in December. The government would own a 26% stake in the joint venture, which would produce the steel-bodied EMUs at a factory which would be built at Kanchrapara near Kolkata in West Bengal under the national Make in India programme. Some reports say that Project cost is likely to be Rs 20,000 crores. But the indicative cost is Rs 1000 Crore and Rs 80 crore will be paid up share capital.
The factory is to be set up in an area of 120 acres, in Kanchrapara-Halisahar. Features:
  1. underslung IGBT propulsion, SS or Aluminium exterior, disc brakes.
  2. biotoilets for MEMUs, Auto door closing,
  3. 110 kmps for EMU, 130 kmps for MEMUs.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Air Conditioned EMU

This AC local has seen its share problems in the past few months, but all these issues have been rectified:
>> The AC, automatic doors and train operations were not synchronised 
>> During static trials, it was seen that emergency brakes weren’t working and doors weren’t opening 
>> Initially, the high-power AC units — all 360 tonnes — were vibrating heavily and overcooling the coaches to a frigid 16 degrees instead of the preferred 22-24° Celsius
Safety measures
>> If the AC switches off in case of technical failure, the trains blowers will switch on and run for up to six hours
>> A second console has been added so both the Guard and the Motorman can operate the doors 
>> The train is also fitted with a red button that will function as the passenger feedback system, so commuters can speak to the motorman or the guard
4.3 m
The height of the AC rake; while the coaches are of standard size, the cooling units add half a foot on top
It didn’t strike CR officials until last week that adding the AC units on top of the coaches meant that the rake would be too tall to pass under the bridges
Rake heights
Siemens – 4,270 mm
Bombardier – 4,257 mm
AC – 4,295 mm
Problem bridges
>> Carnac Road bridge
>> Currey Road bridge 
>> Matunga station FOB
>> Byculla bridge

Friday, November 9, 2012

Main Compressor

  • Make:- Knorr Bremse
  • Failures:- Oil Leakage and Coupler Slack.
  • Failure Mode:- Metal Bellow glued to motor side hub got disengaged. another reason cited by Knorr Bremse was milky oil due to low duty cycle.
  • Oil change recommended after 20-30 hrs of commissioning.


  • Obliqueness on welded cover on air bellows results in failure.
  • Flexible shunt burning cases have been observed.
  • Weight:-

Stone India


Some modifications done:-
  • Insertion resistance.
  • Oil level sensor.
  • Temperature sensor PT100.
Some failures:-
  • HT Bushing Plate
  • Blower

Central Pivot

Material:- MAFR, Single forged shaft.
Reduction in Forging:- 3:1 in normalised condition.
Mechanical Properties :- T/S 490 Mpa, Y/S 270 MPa, 21% Elongation, Hardness 140 MIN BHN.
Microstructure , and Magnetic Particle Test is also specified from NABL accredited Govt Appd. Lab.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Traction Motor

  • Breakage of Modified Cage of DE bearings:-
  • Ferrous /non-ferrous content in gear case oil:-
  • Servosyn 460RR oil:-

  • Retrofit Kit for Grease Lubricated DE bearings

Monday, June 27, 2011

Earth Return Brush

Problem of aluminium casting getting broken noticed in these brushes.

PL No. 47453278
Carbon Brush for Earth return brush Holder Assly.
(SMC grade BSQR) to SMC Drg no. 4048900/D
for Siemens AC/DC Siemens EMU rake . PAC to M/S
Schunk Metal & Carbon (I) Pvt Ltd.

South (VR) end view of MX workshop

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shacku Couplers

Do we carry out magnaflux RDPT on these couplers?

Batteries Used In Siemens Rake

Two trays in the battery box house 5 nos monoblock batteries of 5 cells each.

Monday, June 20, 2011


  • Two Handicap Trailer coaches are there in 12 car MRVC rake.
  • Compartaments are HC-SL-V.
  • HC - 19 seats, SL ( second class ladies )- 74 seats, V- 6 seats + 1.33 T luggage.
  • Tare weight:- 37 T, total payload:- 33 T.
  • Compressor with air dryer and Battery Box mounted in underframe.
  • Grab poles, protective screen etc are of SS.
  • Flooring is of SS with moonrock finish.
  • Roof and ducts are SS Micromat finish.
  • Seats and Backrest- polycarbonate.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retrofitment Cost

  • BHEL Electrics:- Rs 45 lakh
  • BHEL transformer:- Rs. 20 lakh
  • Silicon Rectifier:- Rs. 5.5 lakh
  • Cable trays:- Rs 1 lakh
  • Transformer pipelines:- Rs 50,000
  • Field Weakening :- Rs 2 lakh
  • SS Tubes:- Rs 3.5 lakh

C Jumpers

19 pins of C jumper transfer important functions like:-

Reverse , Forward, Half Power , full Power, continuity, DC negative, 50% light, Light On/OFF, Fan OFF/ON, Alarm Bell, Overload Indiacation, and ABB open Indication and some are spare also.

Single Pole VCB

  • Min presuure;- 3.3 kg/sqcm
  • Max pressure:- 3.6 kg/sqcm
  • Max time between Successive closing operations:- 30 sec
  • Cost :- Rs. 2.4 lakhs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Auxiliary Compressor

  • Rated Pressure:- 8.0 Kg/sqcm
  • Cylinder Size and Stroke:- 60 x 35
  • Displacement:- 150 lpm
  • Motor:- 1 HP , 110 V Dc/ 8.5 A
  • FAD:- 6 cubic m/ hr
  • Speed :- 1500 rpm
  • Cost :- Rs 20,000

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bulk RSP

  • PB 2011-12 Item # 1107 :- 96.10 Crore Detailed Estimate under vetting for BHEL electric conversion @ 4.5 Cr/rake for 20 rakes.

  • PB 2011-12 item # 1110 :- Siemens spares :- Distribution between WR and CR awaited.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Auxiliary Motors

  • Oil Pump:- 1.5 HP , 240 V , AC, 6.5 A, 400 LPM, 40 Mf. ( Manju )
  • Rectifier Fan Motor:- 1 HP, 240 V, Ac, 4.5 A, 40 Mf, ( SHI )
  • Radiator fan motor:- 0.5 Hp, 240 V AC, 4.5 A, 20 Mf. ( GEC, Manju, SHI )
  • Aux Compressor Motor:- 1 HP , 110 V DC, 8.5 A ( Elgi, CEC)
  • Main Compressor Motor:-12.5 HP, 110 V DC, 100 A. ( Kirloskar, ELGI )

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stainless Steel Air Reservoir

  • Capacity :- 125 ltrs
  • Dia :- 430 mm, Length :- 1060 mm
  • Now ICF is sending with 1 Air reservoir in MC.
  • These are provided in DTC and TC also.